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DAVEY BT Series Booster Pumps


A Davey BT Booster Pump can solve your low pressure woes

by boosting the pressure of your existing water supply.

No more annoying pressure fluctuations when someone flushes a toilet or your well pump turns on.

No more complaints when more than one person is taking a shower.

Only the ultimate in strong, even water pressure.

Unlike flow switch controlled pumps that require a minimum flow to start and stop,

Davey's proprietary Torrium II™ controller starts the pump as soon as the faucet is opened.

Then the Torrium II™ controller keeps the pump running until water is no longer required.

But the technology doesn't stop there...

Davey's proprietary Torrium II™ controller measures your system pressure when it is first plugged in and every time it turns off.

By automatically adapting to changing water supply conditions it out-smarts every-day fluctuations,

providing smooth, even pressure for showers, sprinklers and all your household water needs.

Torrium II™ also affords several levels of pump and motor protection, monitoring your system day and night.

Davey BT Booster Pumps are economical, compact, quiet, efficient, meet US Lead Free standards and have CSA approvals.

Their corrosion resistant stainlless steel construction can handle hard and acidic water supplies.

Easy to install, requiring no adjustment and very little maintenance.

Can be used with water temperatures up to 150°F.

Maximum system pressure (Supply + Boost) = 100 PSI

Note: BT series pumps are for use where the total system operating pressure (Supply + Boost) will run between 65 - 100 psi.

For applications outside these operating parameters please contact us for assistance with other Davey pump models.

Not sure which Davey pump is right for your specific application?

Please contact us for assistance in choosing the correct model and any other technical questions.

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